Tour De Lagardere

The latest on-line gamification for Lagardere Travel Retail (including RELAY, INMEDIO, and ONE-MINUTE brands) is a journey across Europe with the adventure and spy storyline! The client has one business purpose: to retain and develop young employees of the sales network. The project will last 7 months and is targeted at a group of several hundred agents and several thousand shop workers.


Grecos Adventure

Grecos Adventure is an Olympic Journey of Masters. Tourist office agents from all over Poland participated in a game-like project, in the scope of which they had to face the 12 labours of Heracles. For several weeks, the Olympic gods organised challenges for the participants, including the collection of Hippolyte’s belt, the Great Dionysia festival, or capturing the Diomedes mares. Every challenge brought the participants closer to their goal – the trip to the top of the mythic Mount Olympus. The tasks they performed aimed at helping them memorize product knowledge, learn the culture of Greece, stimulate creativity and increase sales.


From services to sales

A few dozen ambassadors and promoters of the Electrolux brand spread throughout the electronic markets all over Poland – this is a group of people in need of development efforts. They are the face of the brand, directly dealing with the Customer. How to complete this challenge among people who we cannot just command to take part in the project? The key elements turned out to be: joint workshops, a game-like platform with an interesting plot (150 days to travel around the world with Filip Fogg) which includes inspirational materials, films and simulations of conversations with Customers, as well as trainings entitled “Masterful conversations with the Customer”.


Inter Cars Drive

1,500 InterCars Customer Advisors and merchants. 2 years of intensive growth while travelling along the legendary Route 66. Online Competence Game, Gamified Platform, Educational Content— e-books, tests, videos, quizzes, dedicated development paths, on-line training enrolments, and trainings aligned with the game path. Hard knowledge that we co-created with the customer.
One prize — the HR INNOVATOR 2016 Winner.
One training and consultancy partner: Westhill Consulting.


Development Ladder, Leroy Merlin

15 participants from Leroy Merlin Poland, selected as crème de la
crème. One year for intensive personal development as well as improvement of personnel and project management skills. Gamified platform, coaching sessions, individual and team diagnostics.
One prize — the HR INNOVATOR 2016 Finalist.
One training and consultancy partner: Westhill Consulting.


Mostostal City of Development

Talent group—reserve staff of Mostostal Warsaw. Ceremonial inauguration. One year of development activities: trainings, tests, on-line gamification with the storyline centred around building the City of Development. This is our second project for this client—in 2014, we completed the Manager’s Academy for all the managers of this company. One training and consultancy partner: Westhill Consulting.


PKO Leasing Road to Development

A complete transformation of sales force working style in just 2 years.
An end-to-end project covering the diagnosis and development of the Best Sales Practices, followed by a series of trainings for 150 advisors and managers.
How to find your way in such a complex project?
Just follow the Road to Development—a gamified platform where participants travel between cities, signing up for coaching sessions, performing tasks, and revising the knowledge learned in the trainings.


PZU Manager 2.0

1,200 PZU managers who took part in the Manager 2.0 development programme. 3 years of intensive development. Gamified platform with educational content—e-books, tests, and videos.
One prize—the HR INNOVATOR 2015 Winner.
One consultancy partner—Westhill Consulting.


Leroy Merlin Director's Club 2.0

For Leroy Merlin, we developed a completely innovative formula for continuous development: Director’s Club. Eighty people from the company’s key personnel, each responsible for a business unit of 200-300 people, where development had been invested in for years. Each of them needed an autonomous approach, a lot of inspiration, and a social networking platform. We are going to revive the project for the next edition—this time complemented by an elite Premium Club group and a gamified platform.


Inter Cars Master Mechanic

Finalist in the EB Stars Competition in the category of Best DIGITAL Action. It was our first Employer Branding project and it did the trick! Fully gamified activities available through the website Westhill was a partner of the concept, gamification, and communication and provided support in contacting several hundred users of this dynamic 4-month project.


Inter Cars Manager's Club

200 participants of an elite project Route-66-style. The most advanced platform we have ever devised—multi-level relationships between superiors and employees on the Highway to Development platform were just one button click away. Specialist trainings available also for top management: Strategy, Variable Business Management, Strategic Sales Management. Dozens of trainings across Poland.

One prize — the HR INNOVATOR 2016 Winner.